January 1, 2010


I started 2009 as a highschool boy in my final year, struggling very hard to face my final test

In the first months I was a boy who wanted so bad to get a scholarship to attend a top university in singapore

Several moths later, I found out God has another plan, my scholarship application failed

By mid year 2009, I was enjoying my holiday after experiencing final moments of my high school life: my prom and my graduation day

Near the end of 2009 I started going to college and learning new things, including how to be responsible with myself

On the last new years eve, I remembered how I closed my eyes and smiled, imagining great things God has done to me.. I remembered writing in my journal in the beginning of 2009, how I felt relieved to pass the previous year.. I remembered how I tried, but ran out words to say my thanks to God :)

I am no longer the highschool boy at the beginning of 2009, a lot have changed inside me.. Of course I made mistakes, I experienced failures.. But I also had gone through amazing moments in this year..

Now, I'm sitting in my room, it's 15 minutes before 2010!
I know next year is going to be a great year! I bet, it's gonna be better than last year.. I'm gonna keep hoping. gonna keep trying my best, and gonna keep relying on God..
HAPPY NEW YEAR.. God bless