November 28, 2010

Multimedia Navigation Project-Storyboard

Hey all,

it's the end of my foundation course in RMIT! soo I'm officially in a 3 months holiday now :)
Soo, just wanna show you one of my last projects, which we got to make a storyboard from a folklore or fable from our own country, so i chose the story of mouse deer and crocodile (kancil dan buaya) haha.. They way i did it was i sketched and colored my characters manually then added the background in the computer.. Here goes,

I am well aware that some of the image masking is not raeally good, but i did retouch it manually after it was printed to fix the stuff, but well these are the computer generated photos, so excused the some of the bits..
How do u guys find it?

November 6, 2010


Hey everyone, just wanna show you what I did for my last sem final, it's been a long time ago i know, just havent got the time to post this. It is basically a booklet project that summarize what we've been learning for the whole semester. It consists of around 60 pages, with pages showing all my photogrpahs (including the cover) of my projects, gallery reviews, etc.. It also include my inpirations, drawings, and design development.

November 2, 2010

after 9 months

It's been 9 months since I'm in Melbourne. Melbourne so far has been cold, freezin, freakingly freezin, then cold, cool, warm, warmer, suddenly hot, breezy, hot and on and on.. The Uni works have been awesome, awesomely tiring, annoying, good, okay, and sometimes alright, but always great in the end. The people have been nice, friendly, weird, ignorant, some well ...... maddening. The moments had made me silently cursed 'stupid!' at times, laughed 'silly' at another, grinned too wide till my jaw hurt, stressed so much that i pulled my hair out, amazed that I stood open-mouthed for few minutes, tiring that i yelled 'Oh, God!' ridiculously to everything .

I'll be going home, well visiting home soon, in December. I'm so excited, but then a thought crossed my mind, I'm not gonna see Melbourne in quite a long time, I'm gonna miss it soo bad. Then i wondered, how long does it takes to make you attached to something or someplace? 9 months? :)

Video: What papers do, another experimentation

okay, two videos in one day :).. Another experiment, this time with papers. I colored the paper myself to make a nice effect when it folds and crumples. Just write away what do you think?

Captured: boxboard construction

Hello, those are boxboard construction for my clay making concept. Just thinking to show you some shots that I tought quite pleasing. Looking forward for your comments!

Yearbook cover

Foundation studies is ending and we're gonna have our yearbook soon. So guess what, it's one of the project for design students to make the cover! Up there, is mine obviously. The concept is how foundation studies is like a watering can, helping students to realize and develop their potential, sort of. Not gonna talk long, thats all haha.. oh yeah, the arielvictor thingy on the bottom, is not suppose dot be there, its just for the sake of acknowledgment to me of course for the web hehe.. Comments? Most appreciated! :)

Video: Not anymore, a stop-motion experimentation

Hey all, it's one of my stop motion for a uni project, I may upload new ones every now and then..
Tell me what do you think?


yeah yeah, it's been forever, I'll try to post more often from now on, actually got lots of things to show you but really too lazy to do anything.. Notice the new look? yeah somehow i wanted something really simple..
Something i changed, i removed the comment box so you can just comment on the bottom of every post, and please do follow, well if you find this blog worth following..

June 5, 2010

One morning when I wasn't asleep..

it's been really long since the last post isn't it?
Well lets just say those posts earlier is a first-timer excitement :)
and now, everything's kinda settled, school, assignment, work..
Feel like I have to do everything, so that's why ...

Anyway, this morning, just got home from the grueling shift at work, it turns out to be a wonderful day..
It's becoming colder and colder here since the last time I came, winter is peeking behind the falling leaves haha, and that leaves me struggling with daily temperature that's not more than 15, well the bright side is, ... I get to wear jackets everyday , mmm NOT REALLY that good tough. missed the warm sunshine and missed wearing shorts..

Woow, I sure know how to talk beond the topic haha, what I wanna tell u is that now it's often foggy here, and that's what happens this morning :)
It's subtly beautiful when I came to think about it, the fog, hiding something behind it, seems to be calling you to see what's in there haha, Oh I dont know either why I became so poetic this morning, maybe is the dreamy state that I'm in cos of the lack of sleep haha..

Really wish I have time to go around the neighborhood in a day like this, but I need my sleep haha..
Keep on visiting, I may showcase some of my work when i have time hehe..
Have a good day!

foggy morning snapshot from the balcony
can u find a hot air baloon in the photo?

April 5, 2010

what to do?

It's easter break, meaning I got a week holiday..
Anyway, it's seems not so "wohooo" anymore when i found out that i have nothing to do..
Well, yeaa, I made some plans with friends but its not like we goin out everyday..
So here I am in a day with nothing to do, tried to do some assignments, not feel like finishing it though. I managed to finished a couple of works, hmm the others? Later haha..

Well, anyway somehow I felt like sketching using my drawing pad, haven't done that in a long time.. It got quite fun as i started drawing though haha, I was just playing around drawing everything nearby. I might do this again when I get bored :)

Well, not bad is it for a 'play-around' thing?
Haha, ok then, that's it for this time :)

April 2, 2010

Postcard project

Hey all, just wanna show you my postcard project..

Hmm so far haven't got any stories to tell just like when i first got here.. Stuck in my room doing homeworks and assignments hahaa.. But now's the easter break!! I'll let u know if I bump into an interesting thing during my break..

tadaa, how's it?? mm quite a lot of work doing this bcause different from the way i taught to do something in UMN.. Here we always spend a lot of time doing research and preliminary tasks.. Like for this one, I'm supposed to try out making composition using black paper on white, newspaper prints, black and white photo first before my final postcard.. Hmm and we're supposed to do oral presentation after each final project.. That's when we supposed to show all of our research and trials and tell everybody how those helps in making the final..

Ok, leave comments whenever u like :)

aussies always pronouce everything ending with oo sound in their particular way.. (some kind like oowwr)
ex. know => knoooowwr
no => nooowr

haha, but not too exaggerate.. Kept wonderin how they could make that kind of sound haha *trying haha

till next time :D

March 20, 2010

Another Protest

Heyy, kmren ada demo lagi di melbourne haha, soal free palestine gtu from israel.. Haa i took some pictures, look the policemen are riding horses.. Woo they look pretty intimadating on those big animals :I haha..

March 19, 2010

Switch Me!

Hi, i was just checking when I see this article.. Designed by josselin zaigouche, it says that this creation is more about a metaphor of the pain that the planet has to suffer from human's wasteful habit :I Hmmm, it does make you think twice whether to switch it or not right??

That's how art speak I guess??

(taken from

March 18, 2010

Self Portrait-Homework 2nd attempt!

hey, percobaan kedua nih haha.. setelah 3 jam duduk didepan kaca haha.. Masih tetap ras abstrak mukanya yee hahaa..

Haduu susah bener bentuk mukanyaa itu keknya yg kanan rada ga beres hahaa.. Matanya juga rada jereng ato gimana sih gw ngerti gw haha..

How how? better dr yg pertama kan tapi? haha

March 17, 2010

Self Portrait-Homework

See what happens there??
Hahaha I know, i looked ridiculous, gee, kinda too fat.. The lips is too big I think hhaa..

Yea well, just feel like wanted to show my first self-portrait to you hhaaa... I gotta give it another shot I think :D

aaaa it's soo bad -- hhaa..

March 14, 2010

Design Communication-Abstraction

Hey2, bberapa hari yg lalu dikelas gw blajar abstraction gtu haaa.. Pertamanyaa dsuru gambar objek didepan kita secara abstract artinya disederhanakan dan disimplekan ke bentuk dasar yaah gtu deh.. Trus katanyaa abstract yg kali ini coba deh objeknya masih bisa dikenalin.. Yaa gw gambar aja.. Lama2 dsuru gambar muka temen diabstrakin, mmm agak bingung jadinyaa.. Bener yaa kalo abstrak muka org bisa masih bisa dikenalin?? Bedanyaa sama karikatur tipiss banget ya ga sih?? Hmmm gw pun berusaha menggambar sperti picasso ahahaa, cieeh, maksudnyaa itu anggota wajah dimencong2in sperti ngeliat muka dr berbagai view point.. Apa kalo picassso gambar org, tu org masi bisa dikenalin?? Hmm who knows? hahaha just curious.. This tiny bit of curiosity and confusion keeps on flying around my head as the class progressed and ended.. Hmm anyway these are my drawings, what do you think??? haha

14 March 2010

Hey, I just had a great day! haha.. Hari ini diajak jalan2 lunch ge daerah port melbourne gtu pelabuhan haha dan it's a very nice place, skitar 10-15 menit by tram dan kita makan di "d'lish fish" makan fish and chips gtu..
Here's several snapshots of port melbourne..

Yaa itu trakhirnyaa gambar tramnya hha.. Ohh iyaa nih ad gambar fish an chipsnya hhaa, menggila sekali cuman ditaro dikantong kertas gtu haha, trus brantakan semuanya gtu haha, cuman enak, kt tmen gw ksini bru berasa ke luar negri abis di city makannya jugaa yaah gtu2 lah haha, lebih kaya di hongkong haha...

For dinner, gw diajak ke pancake parlor.. Keknyaa udah lama gtu deh tmpatny dan terkenal enak haha, kita pake kupon beli satu gratis satu jadi murah hahaa.. Beli yg short stack yg 2 susun trus pake es krim diatasnyaa and with pure apple juice.. Enak dan cukup mengenyangkan sebagai dinner hahaa..

Yeaaa, great day, hr ni gw makan cereal buat breakfast, fish n chips buat lunch, sama pancake buat dinner.. Luar biasa hahaa.. Today was great :)