April 5, 2010

what to do?

It's easter break, meaning I got a week holiday..
Anyway, it's seems not so "wohooo" anymore when i found out that i have nothing to do..
Well, yeaa, I made some plans with friends but its not like we goin out everyday..
So here I am in a day with nothing to do, tried to do some assignments, not feel like finishing it though. I managed to finished a couple of works, hmm the others? Later haha..

Well, anyway somehow I felt like sketching using my drawing pad, haven't done that in a long time.. It got quite fun as i started drawing though haha, I was just playing around drawing everything nearby. I might do this again when I get bored :)

Well, not bad is it for a 'play-around' thing?
Haha, ok then, that's it for this time :)

April 2, 2010

Postcard project

Hey all, just wanna show you my postcard project..

Hmm so far haven't got any stories to tell just like when i first got here.. Stuck in my room doing homeworks and assignments hahaa.. But now's the easter break!! I'll let u know if I bump into an interesting thing during my break..

tadaa, how's it?? mm quite a lot of work doing this bcause different from the way i taught to do something in UMN.. Here we always spend a lot of time doing research and preliminary tasks.. Like for this one, I'm supposed to try out making composition using black paper on white, newspaper prints, black and white photo first before my final postcard.. Hmm and we're supposed to do oral presentation after each final project.. That's when we supposed to show all of our research and trials and tell everybody how those helps in making the final..

Ok, leave comments whenever u like :)

aussies always pronouce everything ending with oo sound in their particular way.. (some kind like oowwr)
ex. know => knoooowwr
no => nooowr

haha, but not too exaggerate.. Kept wonderin how they could make that kind of sound haha *trying haha

till next time :D