February 13, 2011

5 days

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and now Sunday...
Okay, how do I feel now? a little less weird that's how. Ok. It felt really weird when i first got here, seeing all the things that i've learn to know before. Well yeah its gonna start again in a couple of weeks, meanwhile I'm just gonna try enjoy what's left of melbourne summer before it goes all freezing again :) gonna get to you all again soon :)

(holiday shot from bali)

February 9, 2011

hello again :)

i've just landed in melben, thank God! After a hectic night at the airport, and a crazily long flights, not to mention, turbulance! okay here i am now, well still on the plane, apparently waiting for an available parking spot hah.. :) *tryin out blogger app at my android hehe.. anyway, i'm full of anticipation on how everythings gonna be this year! oh im out now, bye!
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February 8, 2011

saying 'see ya!'

okay okay, so i have been abandoning my blog for a loong time. but then here i am, on my bed, in my home, tapping my phone screen just to post a babble, jumbled thoughts running on my mind..how do i get here? well its been almost two months since i left melbourne for home. excited and happy. here i am now having my last night on my bed. tomorrows the flight, dang! All promises to work on a project, and learn something have long forgotten. Then again the break has gond3 crazy. the good crazy *smile, with awesome people.. and it has to end, Im living in two worlds, the feeling is almost as if im playing a role in a fiction movie. The one felt real, the other was a dream. At this point melb was a dream, as if im waking up from a long one and ended up on my bed. But then again, does that means im going back sleeping again? or are these two months is the dream? so i'm going back to reality then. wait, which one is my reality? i dont know. but im definitely going back.. so um see ya? :/