June 5, 2010

One morning when I wasn't asleep..

it's been really long since the last post isn't it?
Well lets just say those posts earlier is a first-timer excitement :)
and now, everything's kinda settled, school, assignment, work..
Feel like I have to do everything, so that's why ...

Anyway, this morning, just got home from the grueling shift at work, it turns out to be a wonderful day..
It's becoming colder and colder here since the last time I came, winter is peeking behind the falling leaves haha, and that leaves me struggling with daily temperature that's not more than 15, well the bright side is, ... I get to wear jackets everyday , mmm NOT REALLY that good tough. missed the warm sunshine and missed wearing shorts..

Woow, I sure know how to talk beond the topic haha, what I wanna tell u is that now it's often foggy here, and that's what happens this morning :)
It's subtly beautiful when I came to think about it, the fog, hiding something behind it, seems to be calling you to see what's in there haha, Oh I dont know either why I became so poetic this morning, maybe is the dreamy state that I'm in cos of the lack of sleep haha..

Really wish I have time to go around the neighborhood in a day like this, but I need my sleep haha..
Keep on visiting, I may showcase some of my work when i have time hehe..
Have a good day!

foggy morning snapshot from the balcony
can u find a hot air baloon in the photo?